Oxagon x McLaren Accelerator: Visit to McLaren Technology Center, Woking UK

One year completed at NEOM, and one of the recent highlights was attending a two-day masterclass at McLaren.

The masterclass was focused on high-performing teams and innovation at the McLaren Technology Center, as part of the Oxagon x McLaren Accelerator Program.

The experience was a dream come true for myself as a Formula 1 fan, as we had the opportunity to observe and learn how the McLaren team operates in this high-pressure sport. We also got to spend time with founders from the 7 selected scale-up companies who joined us the following week for a discovery week in NEOM.

NEOM Supply Chain & Logistics is the first cohort of OXAGON’s Research & Innovation multi-year collaborative program. The involvement started from a coffee chat with Lisa Norcross to promote SC&L’s demand and readiness. The success of this collaboration has led to a queue of departments interested in being the next cohorts.

The 7 companies will return for Demo Day on July 31 in Riyadh, where they will pitch to local and international investors. It is an exciting opportunity for these companies to showcase their innovative ideas and solutions to potential investors.

Demo Day is an event where startups and scale-up companies pitch their ideas and solutions to potential investors, partners, and customers. It is an opportunity for these companies to showcase their innovative products and services and attract funding or other forms of support to help them grow and scale their businesses.

NEOM’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident in its partnerships with leading companies and institutions from around the world. The Oxagon x McLaren Accelerator Program is just one example of NEOM’s efforts to foster collaboration and accelerate innovation.

NEOM’s vision for the future is to create a sustainable and technologically advanced city that will serve as a model for other cities around the world. With its focus on innovation, sustainability, and collaboration, NEOM is well on its way to achieving that goal.