UTAS & Microsoft Office 365 – the basics

What is Microsoft 365?

Office 365 is now Microsoft 365 – either way it’s simply the name for a group of productivity apps which are available free to all enrolled University of Tasmania (UTAS) students and staff. The free account (which is normally AUD $129 p/yr) gives you access to the latest premium version of the applications, and they can be installed on up-to 10 devices (5 PCs and 5 mobile devices). This means you can take full advantage of installing the apps on your family devices too!

How to access Microsoft 365?

this is the easy bit, it only takes remembering one website – office.com

This link give you access to all web apps and OneDrive cloud storage, and is also the starting point to install apps on your PC or laptop. I go into more details on installation later in the article.

Why should you use Microsoft 365?

There are heaps of benefits with the apps and I will go into more detail in further articles, but basically Microsoft 365 apps allow you to work flexibly from anywhere, on any device. The apps work seamlessly between your computer, mobile and any web browser you have access too.

You’re probably familiar with Microsoft Word as this is the staple app for writing assignments. Even Word has been significantly improved to empower you to work more flexibly. Most students will also use Excel, and maybe PowerPoint, but I’d like to show you the benefits from using other Microsoft 365 productivity tools including OneDrive, OneNote and Forms.

Additionally, UTAS provides student services through a Microsoft administration account. When you login to Microsoft 365 you’ll notice this is exactly the same login screen as MyLO. You simply use the same email address username and password. No subscription or payments are needed, although its worth noting that your Microsoft license only remains active while you are an active student or staff member at UTAS.

How to use Microsoft 365?

There are three ways to use Microsoft 365 apps:

  1. PC or laptop
  2. Web browser
  3. Mobile devices

PC or laptop
In the software world these are known as client apps. A client is basically your computer device. This is the most powerful way to use Office apps because they are installed on your device hard-drive and the apps include the full features for producing assignments and other content.

Web browser
Microsoft are re-branding this to be known as “Office on the web”, and they includes apps available through a web browser. They are typically a lighter version of the client apps, but they are rapidly catching up.

You can create, view and edit files in Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint and through your web browser. Modern web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge work best with office for web.

~ I will write a separate article to explain the nuances of Office for the web ~

Mobile devices (phones & tablets)
Mobile versions of the apps for your phone or tablet are available from the respective app stores for iOS and Android. These are extremely useful if you want to work on the move, or need to access your documents from anywhere away from a computer. More information on these apps can be found via this link https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/microsoft-365/mobile

~ I will write an article specifically for mobile apps in a later series ~

How to install Microsoft 365 on your Windows PC or laptop

Go to office.com, login with your UTAS email address and password and you will land on the page below. In the top right there is a button for Install Office. Click this, then click Office 365 apps.

A download file will launch, save this to your computer then run and install the applications. For step-by-step details you can follow the UTAS knowledge article How to install Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus on my Windows PC.

Note: Windows 10 is the preferred operating system, it’s recommended to upgrade if you’re still using Windows 7.

How to install Microsoft 365 on your Mac

Since Mac requires a different process using the Mac AppStore, I have created a seperate post for this here – How to install Microsoft 365 on your Mac.

What is OneDrive cloud storage?

You will see me mention OneDrive a lot, this is the Microsoft product for cloud storage. A simple way to think of cloud storage is that its a service which stores and backs up you files. If you use a webmail service such as Gmail or Hotmail these are also cloud storage platforms, they’re storing your emails on a server somewhere else in the world. You don’t have to do any special configuration for this, and you can use it without installing anything, simply through a web browser if you like.

However, there are many advantages to having OneDrive installed on the computer you use for studying. For example, if you’re working on a Word document saved in a OneDrive folder, you can activate the AutoSave feature and your work will be continuously saved in the background. This is great if you’re using an older laptop or have any concerns with your computer crashing.

UTAS & OneDrive

In my next article we’ll look at Getting stared with OneDrive for your study files.
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UTAS resources

This is the UTAS knowledge resource for Office 365 installation, unfortunately it’s almost impossible to find unless you Google it… How to access Office 365?