New partnership! STEM Professionals in Schools – CSIRO

I’m proud to have been accepted to join the STEM Professionals in Schools as part of my participation in Generation STEM Community Partnerships Program (CPP).

In May 2021, I joined Liverpool City Council and CSIRO for their Generation STEM Industry Engagement Workshop.

Generation STEM is an initiative aimed to attract, support, retain and train NSW students in STEM and school, into further education and into employment. The first program launched under Generation STEM is the STEM Community Partnerships Program (STEM CPP), where students participate in STEM inquiry based projects to address challenges faced by the local community and are connected to local STEM businesses, providing valuable insight into local STEM pathways

STEM Professionals in Schools is Australia’s largest national skilled volunteering program for STEM professionals and classroom educators. The program facilitates flexible, ongoing partnerships between science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals and teachers in schools across Australia.

With my role of Automation Engineering Manager, this seemed like a great opportunity to not only showcase the industry, but also the future skills and opportunities. Automated container terminals are highly complex environments involving all elements of STEM. From the scientific modelling, to leading edge technology, huge cranes and engineered infrastructure and abundance databases controlling everything – its all covered in one site! People at the most important aspect, without them the terminal cannot function effectively.

With my role responsible for ongoing maintenance and support of automated container handling equipment, it is crucial that we ensure skills development pathways are available to match the future demand. This is a perfect catalyst to create local jobs for local people in the area.

I look forward to working with my partnered teacher, school, and ongoing relationship with the program.

The Generation STEM 2021 Virtual Showcase will be held on 10 November 2021.

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Image courtesy of CSIRO