Using Microsoft Forms for surveys

Microsoft Forms is an excellent tool for conducting and automating your online, mobile responsive surveys

If you have an Office 365 subscription through your organisation or institution then you will likely have access to Microsoft Forms.

This is an incredibly easy to use application that will improve the presentation of your surveys and automate the data collection for you.

Here’s an example of a form I created in around 10 minutes. How much cooler does that look instead of an email or printed page!

Microsoft Forms survey

Of course this can be shared, viewed and completed on mobile devices too.

The great thing about using Microsoft Forms for your surveys is the automated data collection of responses.

The responses tab shows a visual breakdown of responses for each question.

Microsoft Forms responses

The ‘more details’ link will popup a window showing each respondents answer.

To easily analyse and manipulate the response data, click the ‘Open in Excel’ button to download a filter ready spread sheet with all the results.

Microsoft Forms results download to Excel

Sharing the form to your audience is incredibly easy. Click the Share button to reveal the simple options. You can share the link, create a QR code, embed to your website or email.

Microsoft Forms settings dialog box

The settings isn’t as intuitive to find. Click the top right ellipsis, then settings.
Here we can change who has access to the form, set the start and end date, and even customise with a nice thank you message.

By default you will receive an email notification for every form submission. This is great if you want to monitor the responses, or you might want to turn off if expecting 100s of responses.

Here is the end result. Feel free to add a response or contact me if you’d like to learn more.