I’m moving to Saudi Arabia!

On 23 June 2022 I announced to friends and family that I would be leaving Sydney and relocating to Saudi Arabia

After a long arduous visa and onboarding process, I was finally able to announce my appointment to join NEOM in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I had done my due diligence a few months prior. I had researched where I was going and messaged a few residents via social media. I was fortunate to have an ex colleague already working there, which provided some reassurance and up-to date information. The visa process in Australia was quite straight forward, although the agency was a little disorganised, and all told it cost ~$4,000 AUD.

I was very excited to be heading off for a new adventure, but also saddened to pack up my life in Australia and leave Sydney after only 3 years, with my time here being disrupted by the pandemic.

This is an opportunity to be part of something that hasn’t been done before, to work for an organization with the vision, desire and financial backing to execute the mandate. Some of the attracting elements for myself are:

  1. Financial – a good salary and benefits package, which negates shock from the rising costs of living, especially in Sydney.
  2. Geographic – closer to my family and friends in UK, and proximity to many more destination for travel.
  3. Learning – to broader my knowledge of cultures, business, and large project operations.
  4. Opportunity – to be part of something completely new, to be in such a diverse working environment, and to form friendships and professional relationships that wouldn’t be possible elsewhere.
  5. Something different – to do something most wouldn’t dare.

The project is in it’s early phase, and at 4.5 years old, the company is essentially a start-up with a healthy sovereign investment fund financial support of $500Bn USD.