How to Google better

When you Google search, do you click the first link and realise it’s not quite what you were looking for?

So you go back and forth between sites and your search results.

That’s slow and frustrating, right?

Here’s a quick tip for faster Google searching.

  1. Go to and click ‘Search Settings’ in the bottom right-hand of the window, or just click this link –
  2. Under the section titled ‘where results open’ check the box for ‘open each selected result in a new browser window’.
  3. Click Save.

That’s it!

Now each time you click a search result it will open up in a new tab, allowing you to open multiple options quickly and save time searching.

For best results it’s recommended to be using a modern browser like Google Chrome. This setting will be remembered on any device you are signed in with your Google account.

Image Source: unsplash-logolalo Hernandez