Ergonomics: the importance of a good desk setup

Home office setups have become popular in the past year of working from home (WFH) due to COVID-19 restrictions.

I feel a bit ahead of the curve, since I started creating my ergonomic setup in 2016 due to taking on part-time study.
I’ve always had a computer/laptop from the age of 12, so desks and PC setups are very familiar to me.

However, I see many of my friends and peers who are happy to use their laptop on the dining table each day. They’re missing out on all the benefits of comfort and wellness from an ergonomic setup, plus with only a single laptop screen it’s a missed opportunity for improved productivity from multiple monitors.

My original setup from March 2016

My home office setup includes a Dell Optiplex 7050 i7-7700 desktop PC, which is still powerful enough for CAD applications I use.

In 2018 purchased a motorised sit stand desk for home. This small width desk fitted perfectly into a bedroom nook. I purchased a generic brand for $304 from an eBay business based in Melbourne, Victoria – OzPlaza. I also bought their dual monitor arm attached it to the desk to raise the screens to optimal eye level.

Later in 2018 I purchased a sit stand desk to improve my posture at work. Unfortunately my employer at the time wouldn’t provide ergonomic equipment, so I self-funded and claimed it on my tax return. I purchased the Sylex Ergonmics Arise Deskalator for $356 from

Work from home (WFH) setup in 2020

Courtesy of work-from-home orders, I was able to take my full business setup home including HP Elitebook, dock and 2 x 24″ monitors.
This is the best IT package I been provided by an employer! It works seamlessly, and the dual monitors with multiple inputs are fantastic.

My 2020 working from home “office” setup

The benefits of a sit stand routine

I have suffered with varying degrees of bad back due to poor posture and heavy lifting as an apprentice electrician. I have seen chiropractors for many years, and have learned how to better manage and strengthen my body through posture correction and yoga.

Sit stand is a regime that requires training… yes your legs will ache after a few hours, but like any exercise it takes time and repetition to build up strength. After a while I could stand for half a day, or would mix it up with a couple of hours of each. Now I can stand for the whole work day without realising. It is also important to wear supportive shoes – runners are good for this.

Most of us would make an investment into a good mattress since we spend so much of each day using it, right?
Well, likewise I recommend investing in the right tools to perform our best during the working day – think about that for sec.

Give it a go! If you don’t like it, you can always resell an ergonomic desk since they’re in such high demand.