10 Laws to Live By

With access to never ending playlists and artists, we seldom listen to the lyrics and find meaning.

I have followed the chorus throughout many of life’s journeys, and it has always held me in good stead.

This applies to many situations in our daily lives, and I’ve eve found it to be applicable to my technical and project site roles.

  1. Always see the dangers first
  2. Always protect your feet
  3. Always be ready for cold
  4. Always be ready for heat
  5. Always know where good water or source is
  6. Always master the skills necessary
  7. Always get the job done
  8. Always know your place
  9. Always disallow foolishness
  10. Always rest whenever you can.

The song is 10 Laws by East Forest.

The sampled voice lyrics are from Cort Johnson, a friend of the artist, Trevor Oswalt (East Forest).

– article written whilst on Boracay Island, Philippines