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– an enthusiastic young leader in the shipping container logistics industry, a mostly unseen effort which touches everyone’s lives through social, trade and economic impacts. 

It’s truly fascinating, however, I have many interests and aspirations beyond corrugated steel boxes and I’d love to share some of my thoughts and ideas with you.

I hope you enjoy my content on business, personal development, productivity, wellness, the future of work and other topics I find value in.

The future of maritime and logistics

Logistics impacts everyone in society without discrimination.
The business arena is changing rapidly, requiring leaders who are aware and understanding of the challenges faced with social, economic and environmental disruption.

Mitch Hawkins is a passionate up and coming leader with diverse experience from an electrical trade through to management roles. This enables him to translate complex technical details into meaningful analysis for critical decision making.

Through various roles in technical, project and program management, Mitch has developed a robust reputation around multiple transferable skills which support organisations dealing with large projects and change. 

As a proud advocate for diversity and inclusiveness, Mitch has championed and supported social projects including graduate talent acquisition, community engagement and mental health awareness programs.

About Mitch


As a self-aware individual with keen interest in helping others to achieve, my career has developed through inter-personal relationships built upon mutual trust and respect.

A team player  with competencies in leadership, project management, delivery, strategy, marketing, product support, design and sustainability. I’m currently delivering Moorebank Logistics Park, Australia’s largest automated inland container terminal – a world first in it’s own right!


My personal time is largely spent continuously learning.  Studying part-time towards a Bachelor of Business degree majoring in maritime and logistics management. 

I pursue other self-development activities such as online tutorials, short courses, reading articles, listening to podcasts and audio books, and updating this personal website.


To perform at my best, I value maintaining my mental and physical wellbeing through a mix of yoga, gym, walking and spending time outdoors. I believe in stimulating my mind and creativity through diverse experiences.

I maintain my health through regular exercise, chiropractic, remedial massage and an ergonomic sit-stand desk regime. I also enjoy exploring cities, coffee, cooking, and the odd Netflix binge to disconnect.

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